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Step into the spotlight and captivate any audience, big or small. Whether you’re gearing up for a crowd or just aiming to boost your inner confidence, you’re in the right place.


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With over 90 episodes of “The Michael Esposito Show,” I have gleaned insights from Fortune 500 CEOs, retired NFL players, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. Now, I’m ready to inspire you!

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Leading with Impact

This dynamic presentation offers actionable insights into how effective leadership can drive organizational success, inspire teams, and create a lasting legacy.

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What Others Are Saying:

In such a short time, Michael was able to increase my confidence when public speaking. He gave me excellent insight about myself that has helped me identify bad habits and gave me the tools to prepare myself to deliver a proper speech. It was clear that Michael doesn't only have a passion for public speaking, he also has passion to really help each person individually with their specific barriers.

Daniel C., Compliance - Hudson Valley Credit UnionPublic Speaking Services

I was very doubtful that I would get anything from a public speaking class and was quite frankly dreading it. Michael completely turned my view around. I gained a lot of useful information, tips and tricks. I feel much more confident in public speaking and am grateful I took the class.

Taylor C., Branch Management - Hudson Valley Credit UnionPublic Speaking Services

Michael helped me find my "WHY". He helped me become more comfortable in my skin when presenting, and reminded me I am the expert.

Alice Rae K., Assistant Vice President - Hudson Valley Credit UnionPublic Speaking Services

I am a very reserved and soft-spoken person that typically prefers to listen rather than speak and I have always struggled with public speaking. Michael Esposito's public speaking workshop and coaching sessions provided me with great tools and tips to help calm my nerves, gather my thoughts, and have confidence in my abilities and my message. An effective leader needs to be able to communicate confidently and effectively and Michael's workshop helped me to develop important communication and public speaking skills to be able to do just that. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone that is interested in honing their presentation or public speaking skills, or even just working on becoming more comfortable and confident in that type of setting. I am grateful for the skills and knowledge that Michael shared with me and my team and I will continue to utilize him as a resource. Thanks for an amazing workshop, Michael!

Allia A., Business Credit Analyst - Hudson Valley Credit UnionPublic Speaking Services

Michael is one of those amazing individuals who continues to evolve at an incredible pace. He expresses the true essence of a leader and role model. He’s extremely talented and shares his wisdom freely to help others. Michael possesses the ability to gain the trust of others because of who is he - a man of integrity, respectful of others, always giving his best and having a service mindset that excels in every aspect of his life. A rare gem in this chaotic world whose presence shines brightly for all to see.

Linda Grace F., DTM - Proprietor of Cycles of Life Coaching ServicesPublic Speaking Services

I'm so happy to recommend Michael. He truly consummate professional ability to gain the trust of clients due to his great knowledge of his industry, professionalism, and likeability. He has the ability to make clients feel comfortable. Michael and I worked on some projects together. He is the hardest worker I know and has a remarkable work ethic and is always willing to help and go the extra mile. I would highly recommend Michael.

Adriana M., Senior Consultant - PaychexInsurance Services

If you’re not talking to Michael, you’re making an error. Michael is dedicated to finding a plan that fits your specific needs... and he’s a genuine human being.

Lara R., Brand Partnerships at iHeartMediaInsurance Services

Michael is a very competent and thorough insurance broker. He has always provided my company and family with high quality service and the best products and coverages for our needs. He has always gone the extra mile and has done the necessary research and searched for coverages and rates to fit our budget. I highly recommend him for both personal and business insurance needs. Michael is high calibre.

Bill M., President & CEO, Principle at Energy Conservation Services, Inc.Insurance Services

I had the pleasure of working with Michael as his recruiter for USI. Throughout the process, Michael was professional and receptive towards my guidance. As even as a passive candidate, he was always honest about his goals, readily accessible, open-minded and respectful. He is a reputable professional in the insurance space and one of the most motivated and driven individuals I have worked with. We are excited to have Michael join our team and I give him my highest recommendation!

Nicole B., Sr. Regional Sales Recruiter - USI Insurance ServicesInsurance Services

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It’s time to banish those public speaking jitters. Reach out today to start your journey toward impactful communication and unwavering confidence. Together, we’ll turn your message into a powerful force for change.