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Conversations with thought leaders and titans of industry

Informing, educating, and inspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Each episode is unique, unedited, and provides insight into the childhood, early career, and leadership role these leaders work in today.

Through their stories, we learn real-world tips and strategies they can implement immediately in our lives and businesses.

From start-ups to public companies, Fortune 500 CEOs to NFL Players, there is a lesson to be learned along the way.

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September 13, 2023 in Podcast

Putting yourself in to play with Victor Pena

Victor grew up in a Mexican household, worked in construction, and did some odd jobs to get through college. His love for technology and education gave him an outlet to…
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September 6, 2023 in Podcast

Cultivating a Passion for Fashion with Kathleen Bennett

Join us for an inspiring journey on this episode as we uncover the remarkable story of Kathleen Bennett, a passionate entrepreneur whose childhood hobby blossomed into a thriving career in…
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August 16, 2023 in Podcast

Empowering Careers: Unveiling the Journey with Angel Mary

In this captivating episode, we unveil the remarkable journey of Angel Mary. She is a true messenger living up to the profound meaning of her name. From early triumphs at…
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August 2, 2023 in Podcast

The Power of Taking Action with Chris and Maricela

Both Navy Veterans, Chris and Maricela, know the power of taking action. They met on deployment, found themselves falling in love with real estate renting. Now, they have a personal…
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