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By May 2, 2024June 12th, 2024No Comments
Podcast Episode Graphic - The Michael Esposito Show with Michael Roach
From cutting his teeth in entrepreneurship during high school to weathering career pivots and embracing leadership roles, Michael Roach’s journey embodies resilience and growth.
Leveraging his curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit to navigate a dynamic career path, Michael’s commitment propelled him to excel in the fast-paced world of marketing and communications. Through trial and error, he honed his skills and carved a niche in content creation, storytelling, and leadership, ultimately founding his own boutique creative firm, Michael Roach Creative.

Now, Michael shares his expertise and insights as a sought-after speaker and consultant. Through his work at Michael Roach Creative and leadership in professional organizations, he continues to elevate the marketing profession and empower others to unlock their full potential in the ever-evolving landscape of business and creativity.Get to know more about Michael and be amazed by the work that he does at

To learn more about myself, Michael Esposito, and find out about public speaking workshops, coaching, and keynote speaking options, and – of course – to be inspired, visit
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