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Football to Founder – Dave Phillistin, CEO, Candor

By January 20, 2022February 23rd, 2022No Comments
Dave Phillistin

My guest today has gone from football to founder! Help me welcome retired professional Football player, Dave Phillistin.

Notably playing for the Seattle Seahawks, now the CEO of Candor, a partner-focused cloud-solution provider, he is now helping businesses scale faster, streamline processes, and solve challenges.

Dave has always been one to learn from his mistakes. Lessons from being on the field have correlated to life lessons that he incorporates into his business.

Everyone knows that finding your career path in life is challenging to say the least. From playing professional football to now being the CEO of a successful company, Dave knows better than anyone!

Playing football from such a young age has been an inspiration for him to become his best self both on and off the field.

In this conversation, we dive deeper into the lessons he has learned and his road to success.

Learn more about Dave and his journey in many different fields!

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