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Creating something good out of necessity.

I founded DenTen Insurance to be able to give back with each policy signed. In our first year, we donated over $5,000 to non-profit organizations.

As we continue this mission to give back, we’re also providing excellent insurance services to individuals and businesses throughout the Northeast.

My industry knowledge, combined with the resources available to me‭, ‬make me a valuable partner to Executives and Entrepreneurs alike‭. ‬The ethos of every conversation with business leaders‭, ‬I believe‭, ‬starts with‭:


“How can we help you and your company grow‭ –  ‬safely and responsibly‭?‬”


Every business is different and has different needs‭. Therefore‭, ‬addressing issues and implementing unique solutions designed to‭ ‬generate a significant financial impact on your organization’s bottom line is paramount‭.‬

Take control of your insurance program today‭.‬

Decrease your vulnerabilities and increase your revenue through your data‭ all while supporting the greater good.
Headshot - Michael Esposito