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Matt Alfonso, Founder, and CEO of Matt Alfonso, LLC – coaches business leaders through his high-performance accelerator program

By December 22, 2021December 30th, 2021No Comments
Matt Alfonso - podcast guest

Let’s talk about leadership with my personal friend and former President of Dutchess County Toastmasters, Matt Alfonso!

Matt and I met a couple of years ago when he was a basketball coach at Bard College. Today, he’s started his own business coaching business – Matt Alfonso, LLC where he coaches business leaders through his high-performance accelerator program.

He grew up in a sports family and has always been involved in basketball, formerly a physical education coach in Virginia. His dad was also a teacher, principal, and professor, inspiring Matt to learn life lessons through sports and in turn, teach those himself.

After college, Matt fought depression and anxiety. As a perfectionist, he was too hard on himself and struggled to manage his mental health. He recognized the problems and overcame them with therapy, mindfulness, and self-love and utilized these skills learned in his leadership coaching.

Learn about Matt and get some great leadership tips today! Tune into this episode and let me know what you think!

Check out Matt’s website and find out about his leadership program:

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