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Born an Entrepreneur with Greg Edwards

By December 27, 2023January 16th, 2024No Comments
Podcast episode graphic - the michael esposito show with a headshot of Greg Edwards

Were you born an entrepreneur?

Reflect upon the cherished moments spent fishing with your father. How did these experiences shape your inspiration and thoughts?

Deeply influenced by his father’s extraordinary flexibility and entrepreneurial freedom, he observed his dad seamlessly navigate work and life, leaving an indelible mark. Greg realized that entrepreneurship transcends mere financial independence—it offers a pathway to a fulfilling lifestyle, allowing individuals to chart their unique course.

His journey unfolds as an entrepreneur, recruiting friends to work for him during his teens, an early college dropout at 20, and now the founder of Axis Backup. Greg was motivated by early experiences and challenges, so he created Canauri, a company dedicated to reducing downtime and safeguarding crucial data.

Get to know more about his work and story through and be inspired by how Greg Edwards epitomizes bold decisions and unwavering determination.

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