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How to be the person you needed when you struggled – with CaraMia Bacchiochi

By April 12, 2023May 9th, 2023No Comments
Podcast Episode Graphic - CaraMia Bacchiochi Hope on a Mission Poughkeepsie

Be the person you needed when you were struggling.

In 2013 My guest found herself inside the walls of the same jail cell she’d been released from over 20 years before.

After much introspection and a chat with God, she realized the error of HER ways. She began to understand that her life had been a training ground, that all of her experiences and her survival would serve as HOPE to women who had survived the same but not yet claimed VICTORY.

She was given the Divine assignment to “be the woman you needed” while homeless and addicted, to start a program that would bring help and comfort to other women who are caught in the same cycle of homelessness, abuse, and addiction with which she was so familiar.

Her ministry, begun with prayer, a few pairs of flip-flops, and a case of water, now reaches hundreds of homeless and underprivileged people in Poughkeepsie every week.

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